Sorry about the delay in postings. I have been working like a mad woman at my day Job we’re talking almost 100 hours in the last pay period… and I went on vacation… and I still have to cook every item from scratch. ALL of those lovely excuses to say I am sorry for being gone. I need to write my recipes and I really need to share them via my blog. If I don’t I start fitting them into random conversations, commenting on other’s blogs, thinking about them at my desk, and generally being obsessive. LOL

SO I the next few days we will have a Chocolate Cheesecake recipe; gluten, dairy and soy free.

How to make Nut based cream cheese that will work in your baking!! woo hoo on that one.

“More allergen free products that make my kitchen run”

“What not to name the baby” and boy have i got some doosey’s.

As well as “Why I do what not to name the baby”…. it’s not about being mean, nasty or cruel.

So a busy week coming up for the blog. And again I apologize for being away. I hope you can forgive me.