I have a confession to make, My Thanksgiving was AWESOME!!!!!.

My cousin came in from out-of-town another set of cousins and their kiddo came over. We had food. Lots and Lots of allergen free food. It was fabulous. I ,however. was exhausted trying to put this dinner on. You must understand my mother and I both managed to get Bronchitis. I was in the hospital on the Monday before thanksgiving. Mom refused to go she soldiered on but last time I soldiered on through bronchitis it became pneumonia soooooooooo no pushing for this asthmatic.

Being sick meant I didn’t have all of the days of prep time I’d planned on. So 2 days to put on a feast. It was tiring. And hard work. I am very thankful that I did. It was the best thanksgiving I have had in a long time and the whole family is looking forward to Christmas.

Though I am pretty sure certain family members just want to eat the yummy foods again. Needless to say dinner was a hit. My younger cousin (11 yrs old)  kept saying how good everything was. If it was good enough to make a picky kid happy it was gooood! 🙂

Biggest moment for me was seeing everyone eating talking reconnecting. Being a family. My joy was seeing my toddler eat her first cookie ever. The Jam filled butter cookies are her favorite. I filled them with home-made blueberry spice jam.

The pared down menu was as follows



Mashed potatoes


dinner rolls

cranberry sauce

deviled eggs

black-eyed peas


Carrot cake

Chocolate cake

2 lemon meringue pies

Apple Brown betty

Lemon Bars

2 dozen sugar cookies

3 dozen jam filled butter cookies

2 dozen meringue cookies.


hot chocolate

bottled water.

I didn’t scale down on the desserts, just the sides.LOL

But I tried reintroducing soy to my toddler seeing if she has outgrown her allergy. I rolled my pie crusts with regular soy based shortening. It was a no go. Her eczema flared up in patches all over her arms legs and tummy. Alas we are still soy free. Sigh.

I really want to give a special thanks to Jeanne of  The Art of Gluten free Baking. Her kindness in sharing her hard work and efforts with the world really made my thanksgiving possible. To properly credit her  let me tell you the recipe’s I used that weren’t all her but made bog contributions.  The dressing used a pan of gf corn bread and a 3/4 loaf of gluten-free bread crumbs. The bread crumbs used her recipe for white bread. for the pie crusts i used her recipe. I had never successfully rolled a wheat crust before life mandated they be made the from scratch. All the countless other ways she hashelped,  given tips on her website, answered questions,  and been encouraging to all who want to learn. Thank you.