Hot chocolate.

This recipe comes  from my mom. She learned it from her older brothers Uncle Herman and Alvin. They learned it from Grandmommy. Uncle Alvin and my Grandmother have passed away and I live hundreds, well, over a thousand miles away from  Uncle Herman. This recipe is, however, a little way my mom remembers her childhood. A tiny piece that keeps our family close at heart.

She has taught my children and myself this simple but yummy way of making hot cocoa. Originally this recipe was done in parts.

1 part sugar to 3 parts milks to 3 parts water to ½ part cocoa and vanilla to taste. While a recipe in parts is uber easy to increase and decease, very few people cook in parts so sharing a recipe in only they format would be difficult for some to implement.

So here the recipe is in cups. I hope this brings as many happy memories to you as it has to our family.


1 c sugar

½ c baking cocoa

3 c non dairy milk. Something thick and full works like cartoned coconut milk

3 c water

1 tsp vanilla extract

In a medium saucepan add cocoa powder and sugar. Stir together until cocoa is evenly dispersed in the sugar.

Add water. Stir until well mixed.

Turn saucepan up to medium high heat and add the non dairy milk of your  choosing.

Continue stirring on medium high heat until just before boiling, when steam is rising from the surface.

Add vanilla extract and reduce heat to just keep the cocoa warm.

You can adjust the sugar to taste as well as the vanilla. Stove top hot cocoa has a full flavor and a depth of taste that “just add water hot chocolates” can’t match