Through my childhood journey with multiple food allergies ( milk,eggs,wheat,and fish), I knew i could eat baked in eggs and milk. By the time i was in highschool I was eating omelets, frenchtoast, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, cheese baked on pizza etc with no problem. Imagine my surprise when I found most people didn’t know that baked in eggs & milk  are okay for most people with an egg or milk allergy and that the repeated exposure to baked in egg  is thought to help the allergic child “outgrow” the allergy faster. The same is generally true of Milk.

The following is a very cogent link from about .com on baked in eggs and the NIH for Milk.  Sharing about .com’s article means everyone has access to it but if anyone is coping with multiple food allergies I recommend joining FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphalylaxis Network). They have great article and help for adjusting to the new diet.