perfect english muffins


I just made these english muffins courtesy of Karina at the gluten-free goddess and  may have felt the earth move.

I have been trying various gluten-free english muffin recipes but none were quite right. I didn’t make my own recipe because……. Well, okay here comes the confession. I never cooked with yeast before going gluten-free. I tried repeatedly and my wheaten flour never ended up soft and delicious. After many, many hockey pucks and even more wheat based paper weights; I gave up. ( Many years later the realization that the dough had consistently been overworked dawned. Hindsight, right?)

And that brings me back to the english muffins by Karina. They are fabulous. They are better than any wheat based english muffin i have ever tried. So there you have it I am in love.  Mine turned out a bit softer that i expect from an english muffin. A drop biscuit is the closest comparison. To make it chewier simply replace 1/4 c of the sorghum flour with gluten-free cornmeal.  So use the recipe,  go forth and enjoy.

Tonight we are trying Nicole Hunn’s ,from Gluten Free on a Shoestring, yeast free english muffin recipe. I have good luck with many of her recipe’s in the past and one or two are my standards.

ANd I wanted to share one or two more blogs that have great recipes for those living without _____.

and lastly

Ree’s recipes are not allergen free but most are very easy to adapt and adapt well. use a good gluten-free flour blend, a nice dairy free milk (but not one that is non-fat) and egg replacer work wonders.


There are no english muffin rings owned by anyone on this family. So how you may wonder, how did I make them with such a wet dough? So began my search for english muffin rings. Everywhere, there were mention of just using tuna cans take off the top and bottom and there you go cheap-o rings. Just one problem. The invention of the stackable can.

alas a curved unstacable, un can openable bottom

With a rounded bottom like that the can will no fit any can opener in this house. That did it for Tuna can muffin rings but the I heard about foil rings but also heard a lot of bad reviews by blogger ladies that i really trust. So foil was scrapped too. Then I saw a photo of one of the bad foil rings and realized why it behaved so poorly, they were much to thin.

This is how I made the muffin rings currently being used. You will need:

foil sheets

reynolds wrappers made this really easy but any foil will do

Small paper clips


a basic 12 in ruler made from wood or plastic silicone won’t work very well for this

your basic 12 in ruler wooden or plastic doesn't matter but for these purposes i don't reccomend silicone

and a tuna can

and the tuna fish can

Step one lay your foil sheet flat on your table with a landscape orientation. You know sideways. Then line your ruler up with the bottom edge of the foil with an inch of ruler hanging off the edge like so. Don’t worry the ruler isn’t long enough to go all the way across the foil. there will be 1-2 inches on the other side with no ruler on it.

lay your ruler on the foil sheet leaving an inch or so hanging off

Now you are going to fold/roll the ruler up in the foil.

then fold and smoothe the other side

and smooth the other end of the foil with no ruler after each turn/fold.

fold and smooth again

until the ruler is completely wrapped in foil.

until you have this

next, you will grab the overhanging inch of ruler, and pull the ruler free from the foil sleeve then smooth the foil sleeve out.

slide the ruler out leaving only the foil

Take the foil sleeve and wrap it around a tuna can. Make sure the seam from the last foil fold is on the outside

shape it around the tune can leaving the seam on the outside

and remove the foil from the can while holding it in the shape and size of the tuna can.

hold the size and remove from tuna can

there will be 2-3 inches of overlapping foil. paper clip the overlaps down using 2 small clips like so

using 2 paper clips clip where the foil overlaps and like so clip the other overlapping side

and TA-DA English muffin ring.

ta-da english muffin ring


and what else does an english muffin rind lead to but delicious english muffins??

perfect english muffins