Here I was being all supermom (da-da-da-da!!!) and making pancake muffins for my daughter to have as breakfast on her all day field trip. (6am-7:30pm) When making pancake muffins I usually  put sausage in them by fully cooking the sausage patties, cutting them into fourths, then putting 2 tiny sausage pieces into each muffin tin full of batter. I was thinking i am fabulous. Got the pancake muffins baking, w/ apple slices, and almond milk she will have a rock star breakfast. Go family!!!

Then I realized I put NO sugar, not one single drop, into the pancake batter. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

How can I salvage them? I can’s send her with syrup, they are eating on the bus. I don’t want to inject  them with syrup or some such. What is a forgetful mom to do? Treat them like doughnuts. Put about 1 cup of powdered sugar in a gallon sized ziplock ( or other plastic) baggie. Drop your finished pancake  muffins in the baggie. Shake vigorously ensuring each muffin is covered well. Ta-Da! You too have just Saved Breakfast.

Curious what pancake muffins are? Just what they sound like. Make up some pancake batter and bake it in a Muffin( Cupcake) Pan


Preheat your oven to 350

Grease and flour 2 muffin tins ( cupcake pans) doubles this pancake recipe makes 18-19 muffins

or place cupcake papers in your muffin tin and spray with non-stick cooking spray so the liners do not stick to the muffins. I personally prefer just greasing the pan.


This recipe calls for a doubled batch of my pancake batter. The recipe for a single batch can be found here

Doubled is as follows:

2 c gluten-free all-purpose flour
4 TBS sugar
1 tsp salt
2 TBS baking powder
2 TBS cinnamon ( optional)
2c non dairy milk
4 TBS oil
4 large eggs.
Whisk dry ingredients together in a medium mixing bowl.
In a separate bowl whisk together wet ingredients. Once well mixed, pour wet into dry ingredients and whisk together.

Place 3 tablespoons of batter in each well. Get Away from the measuring spoons. I mean tablespoons from your cutlery set.

At this point once all the muffin wells are full add sausage, fruit or anything you want to your muffins, I push the meat all the way down so you can’t see the sausage but like to leave blueberries near the top.

Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350.

Allow to cool in the pans for 5 min then place on a cooling rack to finnish cooling.

These freeze very well and can be microwaved