Playing on Facebook as Kendra and not flying mom. LOL

In truth I needed a LOA from the kitchen. But as the Holidays approach, I am returning to the kitchen but finding my Joie de vivre in the kitchen diminished. I’ve kind of been in a funk. Not depressed just e

I branched out on many creative projects this summer. refinishing a dining room table, re-finishing my desk I still have to do the hutch and find a lateral file that I like.  Hair, Hair, and more Hair. Got a promotion of sorts at the JOB. And my work schedule did more backflips than I can name. I still have to reupholster 2 wingback chairs; but I haven’t found the fabric of my dreams for them yet. Oh and I started writing my book.

I generally just been a mom. A busy woman. Overworked and underpaid but God has seen me through everything. All that my family needs has been met. We have but to ask and the Lord has provided. While I have been away from my blog I have been blessed.

In spite of my funk I have decided to be grateful in ALL that I have been blessed. Will I blog more recipes, who knows? I have got a yummy enchilada and refried bean recipe I may share. If not, know that I am enjoying the people, times, things, and life that are my heaven sent blessings.