This is me whining. If you don’t want to hear it keep scrolling. LOL
One of the major factors that lead to healthy weight loss in women is high protein intake. Weather you eat strictly low calorie, high protein, low cab etc as long as you create a calorie deficit and increase activity you will loose weight. The significance between these end results is your body composition at the end of weight loss: Muscle protein vs. Fat percentage.
What works best for me is a high protein, high produce, low sugar, and limited carb plan. I don’t stick to truly low carb plans very well.
But why the whining you ask? The total amount of protein needed to maintain a healthy weight loss with good muscle composition at the end. My protein needs are as follows.
“Based on the weight, American Dietetic Association (ADA) recommend taking at least 128 – 230 grams of protein per day.
Based on the conditions, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend taking 74 – 260 grams of protein per day, which is 10% – 35% of your daily Calorie intake. “

230g-260g as a max amount of protein seem insane to me.
I shoot for a more moderate 170g-180g per day and almost never make it. In the pantry you’ll find protein shakes, protein bars, nuts, sun butter, meats, eggs, sea food, high protein bread chicken, beans, oatmeal etc. In spite of all these excellent food choices 180g of protein is usually out of reach. The struggle is real.
By the end of the day I am full; tired of chewing and trying to figure out where I could possibly add even more protein.
On a positive note 3-5 serving of veggies and 2-4 servings of fruit is now a breeze.

Anybody have suggestions to make the protein easier?