This post is a day late.
My official weigh in days are Thursdays.
So my weekly weigh in as if Thursday morning 10/12/2017 was 282.2. Yayy!!!!!
That’s 16lbs down WooHoo!

But then comes the struggle.
We’d planned chicken for dinner but the deli area was closing by the time we arrived at the grocery store. I initially suggested pizza as an alternative plan the realized my error and asked the Man for suggestion. He reminded me that I do need to learn to practice self control in difficult eating situations. My general guideline right now is to flee temptation. I can’t eat what I don’t buy.

When I go to McDonalds there is always the option of a salad with grilled chicken but I won’t choose that I will buy the Sriracha burger value mea with large Fries and a Soda. As a result I just don’t go to McDonalds. I cant eat the food if I’m not there.
Or delicious cheese flavored crackers. They are one of my favorites but if I buy a whole box, I’ll eat the whole box so I limit myself to the single serve pack form the vending machine of just don’t buy them at all.
Ordering a pizza, which I have an exceptional weakness for, to be delivered to my home was something I absolutely did not want to do. I almost cried. But in truth the Man was right. I did much better than I have done in the past but I still overate. I had 2 slices and no salad or vegetables at all.
I also had a snack that was high carb ( I thought I’d purchased the low card option) in error. So I put on .5 a pound today.
As of this morning my weight is 282.7lbs.
I’m frustrated and disappointed but at the same time I showed much better restraint than in the past. I’m not yet able to separate emotional comfort and solace from what I eat. It will be a long road to true recovery. Yet this is a baby step in the right direction. Next time I can do better.
Why next time? Because with food and fun and celebrations there is always a next time.
I’ll continue to pray and rely on the lord to see me through this journey.