Yes I said cream of chicken soup. Home made. Perfect for your green bean casserole or that umph to your gluten free, soy-free, dairy free-dressing. No matter how many “frees” you have  to add, it must remain flavorful. It has to be good otherwise why go through the effort?????

So back to the creamy goodness.  Thanks to Heidi of adventures of a gluten free mom and Crystal of Everyday  food storage for the inspirations.

Like Heidi I found that all the dairy free powdered milks are sweet. Dairy free Magic Mix, with the slight sweetness,  can be made to work by adding vinegar to cut the sweetness but it still works best for meals where the  slight sweetness will blend well. Yet,  I did use the idea as a base for my cream of _____ blank soups.

We have recently switched to using low sodium Adobo. I didn’t even know they made low sodium and per the company it is gluten free too. Yay!! I love using Adobo for seasoning. In the past I used red top Adobo which has a great flavor and less sodium than Lawry’s seasoned salt. Now the low sodium is available in my area, it has a blue label and top. We’ve been using it for a week and have bee completely satisfied. For my family Sodium is a special concern As my mom has sodium sensitive high blood pressure. We have an extensive history of heart disease and death by heart attack.

In a way for us the allergies, Adhd and celiac have been a blessing. We knew how to eat better and would do so for several months and then get busy and fall off the band wagon. This was a cycle we had gotten into however with the various food related ailments that seemed spring up over night, we had to make a change. A permanent change. Cooking allergen free has cut our intake of sodium, bad cholesterol, unhealthy fats, and processed garbage drastically.

While coconut milk is high is in saturated fat it is a fat that our body needs and uses completely. It is not hanging around in our arteries waiting to kill us. It is cholesterol free and very low sodium.


1 can full fat coconut milk.

5 Tbs nondairy butter ( I use earth balance soy free spread)

5 Tbs Gluten free all purpose flour

1 C gluten free chicken stock ( I used home made stock)

½ tsp Adobo or less to taste.

Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium high heat. Add flour and stir until very thickened but smooth.

Shake the  can of coconut milk. Then open and pour the entire contents into the butter mixture.

Turn up heat to high and stir until smooth and thickened and slightly bubbly.. Add chicken stock or broth.

Stir, stir stir. Reduce heat to medium and continue stirring. The soup should be very thick ,like a pudding, it should pull away from the sides of your saucepan slightly when stirred.

Now, add the Adobo to taste.

**you can also finely chop up chicken breast lightly saute in olive oil with onion. Use large onion pieces that you can pull out. Once the onion is caramelized and chicken is well done remove the onion pieces. Add about ½ C of the diced chicken to the soup mix.